Challenges of a Front-End Developer

The Web is constantly evolving. This evolution brings many benefits and at the same time requires us to be always updated.

You can have the best web designers, the best web developers of front-end and back-end in your project yet, you risk not thinking any of them or development focused on the user. There is no use of having a beautiful and wonderful layout and better code if your project is heavy, slow and not perfect from usability and accessibility point of view.[...]

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ICEcoder – Code Editor in the Cloud

In this post, I would like to present the ICEcoder and the Installation steps for ICEcoder. Recently, going through the Github I found this tool called ICEcoder a web development tool, which is a publisher of open source codes for various languages (for web-oriented languages) in the cloud. You can use it on any web server with at least PHP version 5.[...]

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